(Pupae Room)

3-4 years old

Educator-to children ratio:  1:11 (over 3)

Contact hours with kindergarten teacher: Minimum 5 hours/week


This is a transition from baby to kindergarten. At Pupae Room, children in this room will be encouraged to do more self-help activities such as self-dress with a little help, eating with supervision and interactions with peers.


We are encouraging play-based learning with lots of experiences provided such as:

- Music and Movement

- Dramatic Play

- Sensory Play

- Self-help i.e. self-dress, etc.

- Art & Craft

- Construction Play

- Outdoor Play

- Numeracy and literacy

- Science e.g. observation of plant parts




We also offer Kendo (Japanese Martial Art) lessons to our pre-kindergarten and kindergarten children. Find out more here.


Hats and sunscreen are provided.


Please contact our friendly staff for more information and inspection.