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Kindergarten (Bumblebee Room) Approved Funded Kindergarten Program by Department of Education and Training

4 years old+

Educator-to-children ratio: 1:11   ​ Contact hours with kindergarten teacher: Minimum 15 hours/week   This room will prepare your child to be ready for school. At Kindergarten, children in this room will be encouraged to be more independent and be cooperative with educators and friends. We apply Victorian Curriculum into our program in order to strengthen children ability to be ready for school.   We are encouraging play-base learning with lots of experiences provided such as: - Expose to numeracy and literacy - Music and Dramatic Play - Construction Play - Create your own play - Practising good hygiene - Sports and recreation - Leaning about our community - Learning about sustainability practice     We also offer kendo (Japanese Martial Art) lesson to our pre-kindergarten and kindergarten children. Find out more here.   Hats and sunscreen are provided.     Please contact our friendly staff for more information and inspection.    

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