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Under 3 years old (Larvae Room)

7 months - 3 years old

Educator-to-children ratio: 1:4   This is the first step of our children's education. We understand that it may be difficult for babies to adapt to the new environment and routines. Therefore, our nursery educators are trained to provide flexible routine and introduce daily activities that will spark their interests and promote healthy cognitive developments.   We are providing babies with lots of experiences such as: - Music and Movement - Dramatic Play - Sensory Play - Self-help i.e. toilet train, hand washing, self-feed etc. - Art & Craft - Construction Play - Outdoor Play  - Basic numeracy and literacy - Basic Science e.g. observation of plant parts​ or animals etc.   Nappies, wipes, sheets, hats and sunscreen are provided. ​   Please contact our friendly staff for more information and inspections.    

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