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Family Partnership

Our best partner

Belonging is the first element of EYLF as well as our philosophy. Children first learn to whom and where they belong to. Family is the first educator in children’s early years of learning. Therefore we believe that parents are the one most important educators in their child’s development.

At Younique, we support partnerships through family participations. The aim of partnerships is to make families feel connected and contribute to their child’s experience, learning, development and their well-being at the centre.


Family participation experiences include:

  • Family-Educator share communication through application

  • Sharing of your child’s favourite game or recipe

  • Parent advisory committees

  • Parent involvement in policies development and revision

  • Organising projects and events e.g. Christmas party, excursion

  • Sharing talents or interest with children


We love to hear more from parents. Please feel free to contact our friendly staff for more information.

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