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Our Environment

Fostering Great Minds

We understand as parents, you strive to create a caring and safe environment for your children. We aim to provide the learning space where children can foster their social interaction skills, gain self-confidence and explore their limitless imagination. We prepare the children to be better equipped for their transition to their first day of school.   Younique Early Learning has been cleverly designed and custom-built to meet our childcare philosophy and the highest expectations. We are using the concept of the colourful beehive to provide children with visual stimulations and entice their creativity. Each room has been meticulously planned and we use premium fixtures and finishes with a coordinated multiple choice of textures and natural tones.   Children are encouraged to roam freely between the indoor and outdoor learning environments which include connected sandpit, bicycle track, cubby house, vegetable patches and large open deck for creativity such as outdoor art, large construction space and sport. All aged group outdoor areas are carefully designed to be connected so that children with all age group can play safely together. Each room is adapted to cater for each age group; including Nursery-baby child care, toddlers-pre kinder and Kindergarten-3 year old kinder.   Careful consideration has also been given to the family of each child and parents are encouraged to stay and relax in the lounge. Younique Early Learning provides parents with the opportunity to engage and enjoy the environment, just as much as your children.   To see our beautiful and engaging environment for yourself, please contact our friendly staff for your centre tour.

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